LiftMaster Garage Door Openers
The Most Advanced Openers Available

Eagle Overhead Door LTD has a range of garage door operators (openers) to allow your garage door to open smoothly and quietly while giving you reliable operation.

We choose LiftMaster garage door openers as they are some of the most advanced operators available in North America. LiftMaster offers a wide variety of options for functionality including smart accessories with the myQ® series that allows you to stay connected and secure your home and property.

We can help you find the garage door opener, within your budget, and also carry all replacement remotes and accessories you need - available in south east Saskatchewan.

Types of Openers

Find the best opener for your garage door from ultra-quiet to super-strong, LiftMaster has the garage door opener you need.

LiftMaster Wallmount Garage Door Opener.
Wallmount Openers
LiftMaster Belt Drive Garage Door Opener.
Belt Drive Openers
LiftMaster Chain Drive Garage Door Opener.
Chain Drive Openers
LiftMaster Smart Garage Door Opener.
Smart Openers

We can help you choose the opener that you need from a smart connected opener with all the latest features or one that fits a limited budget.

Repairs and Replacements

LiftMaster openers and accessories are well-built but, as with any product, they will fail from time-to-time. When you need repairs or replacement accessories for your opener Eagle Overhead Door LTD can help you out anywhere in south east Saskatchewan.

Deciding on the Opener for Your Needs

There are lots of choices for openers and accessories and all of them will provide the basic operation of closing and opening the door, but there are other considerations you may want to contemplate before making a purchase.

  • Motor Power - make sure to select an opener that is more than capable of lifting the door which will result in longer life of the opener
  • Belt Drive - a belt drive tends to run quieter and needs less maintenance but typically it is more expensive
  • Chain Drive - uses a metal chain to raise and lower the door, chains are more durable and are capable of lifting heavier doors but they’re louder and require more maintenance
  • Door Height - the height of your door may necessitate a specific type of opener, this includes doors that are higher than 7 feet or garages that require a low-clearance opening
  • Lighting - some LiftMaster openers provide contemporary design along with improved lighting capabilities which may be essential for some garages
  • Connectivity - a smart garage door opener allows you to operate your garage door from anywhere in the world, allowing you to open the door for a delivery person and then immediately close it. It can provide real-time security alerts, and allow operation of the door with multiple electronic devices

Remote Controls

LiftMaster Keychain Remote Control.
Keychain Remotes
LiftMaster Visor Remote Control.
Visor Remotes
LiftMaster Universal Remote Control.
Universal Remotes

Garage Door Opener Accessories

LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad Control.
LiftMaster Garage Door Wall Control.
Wall Controls
LiftMaster myQ Accessories.
myQ® Accessories

myQ Always Connected to Your Home

myQ Remote Opening Door from the Woods.
myQ Remote Opening Door for Delivery.